Swing Fling

Sharply dressed, a hand outstretchedWould you like to dance?

My heart leaps - skips a beat, 

I can’t help but jump at the chance. 

Hand in hand, I’m flung into space 

A beaming grin upon my face 

Rock-step style, rockabilly swag 

side to side, we start to shag 

Bowtie swinging, my skirt singing 

Sugar pushin’ across the floor. 

Band blaring, people staring 

We twist and shout some more. 

All sounds consume 

Our souls swoon 

We surrender to the beat. 

Suddenly, all is silent - I’m lifted off my feet. 





All in perfect time.  

Happiness must be this,  

A dancewith her hand in mine.  

Found Family
They don’t really tell you about this part

Where the blood line ends and the rest of your life begins

When they don’t recognize you once you finally do

How the lines slice straight

And you never have.

Because growing into also means growing out of

And they don’t tell you

About what to do when going home isn’t so sweet anymore

When you start to notice the land mines in the living room

Laid by those who gave you life and now threaten to sever yours

because heaven forbid you love

They don’t really tell you what to do

When home isn’t.

Perhaps because it must be kept secret.

Thats the only way it can be discovered

That’s why I call it Found Family

we. can. build. our. own. FAMILIES.

excuse me.

what an unfathomable opportunity.

Laying foundations of truly unconditional love.

finding and defining the new scaffolding of surrounding support

The kind that doesn’t have asterisks for sexual orientations or Signifigant Haircuts or honesty.

And is instead thread by what makes violin strings sound the same note

Its a gift creatively untethered by trembling fingertips reaching out

beyond the nuclear, embracing the nebulous and the nuanced

the shapes sizes colors textures traditions unbound

Striking new spaces where we can breathe deep alpine clear

to laugh.

And unabashedly living the truest version of yourself

Is how you continue to give

And sometimes it catches you

off a glance at their faces

the contours of community having silently stitched themselves around you

The strokes of serendipity in the design

The kind you could have never come up with if you tried

it reaches you then

we are here

you have Found Family.

- a piece of raw heart meat from Allison

Featured in "I Love You Queerly" Zine 

February 2013


My job is to Resist. 
I get paid, under this full moon, to document Resistance. 
At The Advocate - the largest LGBT news outlet in the world - 
I’m tasked with creating videos every week about The Resistance

That is everyone resisting Voldemort. 
What I really want to talk about is resisting in one’s self. 
Because in order to resist a tyrant, we must create.


That word has such tension in it.
It’s a tension of pushing against a brick wall, something seemingly larger than yourself
and I always resisted that idea of resistance 
because of one of my favorite quotes which is “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy - not on fighting the old, but on building the new." So I want my resistance to feel like flow.

Like the beautiful “flow state”
The more time I spend in it, the longer I'll live. 
I want my resistance to flow like water

like heartbeat blood through my veins and out
because I can’t successfully resist hate
when I’m resisting love

when I’m resisting loving myself to the fullest

when I’m resisting listening to my heart

when I’m resisting listening to my loved ones 
when I’m holding back any words about what I think or what I want or what I believe in or what I feel to be true and necessary and what brings me passion and joy in times like this

and what makes my heart ache. 
Because there’s a lot of that. 
And there’s a reason we’re resisting. 
It’s because we’ve all experienced the ache. 
We’ve all experienced a bully in some way shape or form, 
and we’re all getting the fuck up. 
Repeat after me:

I will knot hold back - in my heart
I will knot hold back - in my mind
I will knot hold back my voice
I will not hold back my breath
Inhale / Exhale



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